Viking Strategy Game Northgard Gets New Details About Clan System and Victory Conditions

Viking Strategy Game Northgard Gets New Details About Clan System and Victory Conditions

Developer (and publisher) Shiro Games has divulged some more information about its Viking strategy game Northgard, specifically information pertaining to the game’s clan system and victory conditions.

To begin, Shiro outlines how the clan system works in Northgard: revealing that each clan has their own specific advantage, that is usually linked to a certain play style and victory conditions. For example, if you want to claim a domination victory and the Warlord title, it will be easier if your warriors have an advantage in this particular facet from the jump. Fenrir, the clan of the Wolf (one of three clans that will be ready via Early Access in the next few months), has these advantages as they are aggressive, protective of their freedom, and a bit reckless. Their traits relate principally to combat and strength, making them ideal for anyone who wants expand aggressively, and take the good ol’ “burn it all” approach.

Each clan also has it’s own weaknesses as well. With the Fenrir clan, your warriors may be strong but your gatherers are just plan ol’ peasants, so when winter comes around, you’re going to have a difficult time. An advantage in battle is nothing without a solid supply line, meaning you will have to balance the needs of your clan with your aggressive playstyle.

This always begs the question of what are your enemies doing? Are they plotting to steal your land and carry your wife off? Or are they forging trade alliances and accumulating wealth in order to steal the title of the Great Merchant of Northgard? Being aware of what your enemies are doing will be critical and in ways alter your playstyle in order to adapt to theirs.

Shiro has said it will look at more victory conditions (it revealed the Great Merchant and Warlord) as well reveal more clans and their traits “soon.”

“We’ve got a stack of information to get to you, but we’re trying to space it out over a few posts.”

The developer continues by talking about its ongoing efforts, as well as its plan for release:

“In the meantime we’re working hard on balancing the game so that when you eventually get to play during the early access, it feels like something that a professional studio created. From that point on we’ll be relying heavily on your feedback to help us make it perfect, but you know that we’re not going to sell you something that feels rushed.

With the last updates we’ve been focusing on the impact that winter has on the overall gameplay. The game is called Northgard for a reason and we want you to feel like you’re a pioneering Viking warrior fighting every minute for your survival in a bitterly cold land. We’re getting close and we’ll keep you posted.”

Shiro concluded the post by saying it will have an Early Access release date announcement very soon. In case this is your first time hearing about the Northgard, here’s the game’s reveal trailer as well as its Steam page with all the salient details you need to know.