Vindictus Launches Today, Has a Trailer

on October 27, 2010 6:00 PM

Vindictus Launches Today, Has a Trailer

Vindictus, a new hack ‘n slash MMO from Nexon, has officially launched. It’s based on the thoroughly Korean tried and true free-to-play business model, so you can go ahead and download this thing any time you want.

You know what’s crazy though? This is a Korean MMO built on Valve’s Source engine. Weird, right? MMO’s aren’t typically known for the sorts of twitch gameplay and believable physics the Source engine is known for, so this game will certainly have a unique flavor. The game is also a prequel to Nexon’s other popular MMO, Mabinogi, so definitely check it out if that game has ever appealed to you.

Check out the trailer after the jump.

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