Violent Video Games Healthy For the Trained Eye

Violent Video Games Healthy For the Trained Eye


A Grant MacEwan Univeristy professor, Jayne Gackenbach, recently conducted an experiment pertaining to violent video games and psychological effects. Luckily, this experiment has no bias on either side of the violent video game debate. Professor Gackenbach took 98 (perfectly healthy) active soldiers and divided 49 of them into a “high-gaming” group and the other 49 of them into a “low-gaming” group. The high end gamers are obviously soldiers who play (violent) video games daily and the low group consists of soldiers who hardly touch video games.

The results were quite revealing in nature and hints at the possibility that violent video games prepare us for real life violence. By the end of the experiment, the “high-gaming” soldiers had “less intense nightmares about combat” and were able to to tell themselves to fight back against whatever was “scaring” them. Sadly, the “low-gaming” group experienced the exact opposite. These soldiers experienced “more of a helpless feeling towards the threat.”

Professor Gackenbach than theorized “that violent games can serve as a ‘threat simulator’.” In other words, prepare us for violent dangers. If you want to go as far as “video games can possibly save my future self”, you may be considered crazy. However, I would appreciate your love for gaming and give you all the credit you deserve. The only question left unanswered here is…do only violent video games have this type of effect or all violent media?