Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown Revealed

Remember Virtua Fighter? The blockiest fighter ever that permeated the likes of platforms like the 32X and arcade cabinets everywhere? Yea, me too. I’ve seen Lego bricks built to more appealing standards. But, we have to give it up for the folks at Sega for putting out the first game to feature 3D polygon graphics — hideous and all; and it was 1993, for crying out loud. Through the years, we have been graced with better — and smoother — 3D graphics, and much more appealing Virtua Fighter titles. Next year, we will be bestowed with yet another Virtua Fighter title hitting our next generation platforms.

Sega has announced the standalone downloadable title Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown for the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. Oh, I’m sure you’re dying to know when the game releases, aren’t you? Do you really? Fine.

Set for a summer 2012 release, Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown will contain a complete overhaul of the game’s mechanics, balance and animations. New games mored are being introduced (such as one-on-one online battles and a new single-player mode), new arenas (including those that will contain various, and unique, fences and walls for every round), and customizable character items.

Along with the goodies that have been mentioned above, two new characters will be joining ranks of Virtua Fighter…err… fighters: Taka-Arashi from Virtua Fighter 3, and a brand-spanking new character, Jean Kujo.

Can’t wait? Neither can I. I’d consider it an amazing add-on if Sega decided to add the original Virtua Fighter as a bonus. As gruesome as it looks now, I had a thing for those pasty, blocky concoctions. Nostalgia at its finest.

Yaris Gutierrez

Born and raised in New York City, Yaris is one of three co-founders at DualShockers. Gaming since the inception of Nintendo in the 80's, he has grown to avidly appreciate games of every genre, maturing his preference specifically now to third-person action games, first-person shooters and JRPGs. He's a software engineer, father and husband during the day, and mildly attempts to hold onto his "hardcore gamer" title during the evenings. An attempt that he tends to fail miserably at.

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