Vishaps And Where to Find Them - How To Get The Most Primogems

Here's our guide for the Vishaps and Where to Find them event.

Genshin Impact is launching the final event of the All That Glitters version 1.3 update, Vishaps and Where to Find Them, which was first first showcased in the 1.3 sneak peek stream. We’re here to help you navigate the event and its two different phases.

Vishaps And Where To Find Them – Schedule

The event will go from March 5, 04:00 AM ET to March 12, 03:59 AM ET. If you don’t play on the America server, it’s 4 AM server time to 03:59 AM server time. You’ll be able to collect the event’s rewards until March 15.

Vishaps And Where To Find Them – Phase 1

Phase 1 of the event uses the Expedition system in Genshin Impact. Meaning there’s no real gameplay. Players only need to visit the Adventurer’s Guild in Liyue Harbor, and send characters to Expeditions. You can only access the event at Liyue Harbor’s Adventurer’s Guild. Visiting the one in Mondstadt won’t do.

Basically, you’ll have to do these Expeditions each day during all of the duration of the event to be sure to get the Primogems. You can send characters to up to four expeditions a day. S ranked Expedition will net you 20 Primogems, A rank ones 15 Primogems, and B rank ones 10 Primogems.

Each Expedition has bonus rewards. Whether you get the bonus rewards or not depends on the characters you sent for the expedition. Their Vision most notably plays a part, with each Expedition having different Vision affinities. Either way, while you might not earn the bonus rewards, you will always get the Primogems.

You can’t send the same characters to regular Expeditions and Event Expeditions at the same time.

If you don’t have enough characters, it’d be best to stop doing regular Expeditions for now to focus on the event’s Expeditions. You can also use a guest character from your friends. You can pick any character from your friends’ Character Showcase.

There’s usually only one S Rank Expedition per day. If you don’t have enough characters for four expeditions a day, make sure to prioritize the S rank one.

Phase 2: On The Hunt

Every day, the event will have On The Hunt challenges. These are bounties to subdue the Vishaps. This is the gameplay part of the event, where you’ll actually fight Vishaps.

You can find the countdown for the On the Hunt part at the bottom left of the Event Expedition screen. Once the countdown ends, select the On The Hunt option. A marker will appear on your map to show you where the Vishaps are. Teleport there, defeat them and you’ll get the bounties. Pretty simple.

How To Defeat The Vishaps and Primo Geovishaps

Vishaps can be pretty strong enemies. Be sure to prepare stat boosting food and potions beforehand. Note that you can also end up fighting the boss version, the Primo Geovishap. As such, be sure to have Noelle in your party for an easy fight. Noelle is a free character and can fill several roles incredibly well from healer to DPS. Make sure to raise her if you want an easy fight against Primo Geovishaps, as you can easily counter their breath attack thanks to Noelle’s Elemental Skill’s Shield.

Hu Tao is the latest character to have joined the Genshin Impact cast, through a new gacha banner, Moment of Bloom.

miHoYo announced the Ver 1.4 live stream for Genshin Impact. We will be here to translate the stream live this weekend so stay tuned. miHoYo is also hiring in Japan, so we explained how it could influence the game’s future.

Genshin Impact is currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, and Mobile. The Switch version has no release date yet.

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