Visual Novel Series Fault Milestone Reaches Over 100k in Combined Units Sold

Visual Novel Series Fault Milestone Reaches Over 100k in Combined Units Sold

Japanese developer Alice in Dissonance revealed that their visual novel series Fault Milestone — Fault Milestone One and Fault Milestone 2 — has surpassed a combined 100k units sold.

The series first began in 2012 in Japan, over time, localization publisher Sekai Project would bring the titles west for a new group of gamers to enjoy.

Currently, the series is ongoing with the developer releasing new chapters every 6 – 8 months. The newest entry planned in the series, Fault -Milestone Two- Side:Below, is aimed to release later this year in Japan and the west. Additionally, Sekai Project has determined the western launch window for the prequel, Fault: Silence the Pendent, will be June 2017. However, the director and writer Munisix reminds fans that he is working hard to get Silence the Pendent out by the scheduled deadline.

The publisher details the game’s premise:

“fault” is an episodic Visual/Cinematic Novel series created by doujin (aka indie) developer ALICE IN DISSONANCE. Episodes are called “milestones” and usually are about 4~6 hours in length. It depicts a story about a princess named Selphine and her Royal Guard Ritona. While attempting to make an escape from a brutal assault that has devastated their homeland of Rughzenhaide, the two mysteriously teleport to the other side of the planet. The two must figure out a way to get back home.

Reaching this milestone, is quite the accomplishment for a Japanese visual novel developer. It’s definitely something we like to hear about and see more of in this ever growing industry.

you can check out a special Fault illustration from the developer below: