Vita Data Pricing Tweaked to Encourage Larger Plan

on January 23, 2012 10:00 AM

As it were, those data plans AT&T revealed earlier this month for the PlayStation Vita’s 3G model weren’t quite set in stone. The first pricing included a 250MB plan for $14.99/month and a 2GB one for $24.99/month. While the 250MB plan remains intact, the latter has been bumped to give it a bit more appeal — the company will now sell a 3GB data plan for $30. Yes the price is a big higher, but that’s another $5 for a whole gig more of data.

Vita buyers won’t be nailed down to this charge like the company’s smartphone customers, as the package will be a month-to-month payment should you choose to purchase (or use) the 3G. AT&T felt there was not enough incentive for Vita owners to purchase the larger data plan, and so added the same $5 deal they have begun offering their smartphone users.

It’s exactly one month until Sony’s shiny new handheld hits store shelves. Will you be getting the 3G model?

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