Vita Hacked, “Physically Impossible To Load Backups”, Says Developer

on September 6, 2012 6:07 PM

Sony’s probably cringing at the idea, but PS Vita Homebrew may well be on its way. Yifan Lu, the developer behind jailbreaking the Amazon Kindle and PS Xperia, which allowed players to play PSX games on their Xperia play, recently announced that he is developing the first PS Vita native hack. The project is based on an exploit he found in the vita, the details of which have not been divulged, for obvious reasons. As of now, Lu posted a few lints of code on github while looking for some extra developers for the project.

This is huge for vita users who wish to adjust some of the finer points of their hardware. On the other hand, this has scared some indie developers who feel that, while inevitable, that it’s too early for the vita to be “hacked”. Empathizing, Lu responded via his twitter, stating “it will not allow for cheating or piracy (I’m not just saying that, it’s physically impossible with my exploit to do those)”. Knowing full well how Sony responds to these types of things, he acknowledges that the company could close down the project at any moment.


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