Vita’s Bioshock won’t be Infinite Port or Rapture Adventure

on October 17, 2011 11:00 PM

If you were looking forward to riding the rails in Columbia or fighting Big Daddies in Rapture on your fancy new PlayStation Vita, you might want to suppress that enthusiasm. Irrational Games’ Ken Levine says the Bioshock title in development for Sony’s new portable will not be a port of the studio’s upcoming Bioshock Infinite title, nor will it return to the series’ watery roots.

Levine told Joystiq the portable Bioshock title is currently in what he calls the “paper design stage,” and that the game’s development may even be outsourced to another studio. At the same time, the Irrational co-founder says he’s hesitant to confirm that information since outsourcing game development tends to be more time-consuming than doing the work in-house.

You’ve gotta hand it to developers like Irrational who hold off on the easy cash-grabs and assess a game’s potential by studying the hardware. Just imagine the potential for gameplay in a Bioshock title with that touchscreen . . .

Read the original story at Joystiq.

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