Viticulture Digital Edition Launches on PC Today Via Steam

Viticulture's digital edition finally gets its long-awaited Steam release. Now, you can play from the comfort of your desk chair.

Viticulture is among the best-reviewed board games to come out in recent years. It features the excellent design team of Jamey Stegmaier and Alan Stone. In fact, the original design was one of Stegmaier’s first before he really hit it out of the park with Scythe. Viticulture is a crunchy worker placement game that’s all about creating the world’s finest wines. The game’s digital adaptation has already made its way to mobile. However, today the developers at Digidiced finally brought the game to PC via Steam.

As mentioned above, Viticulture explores a very unique theme in the board gaming space, as most Stegmaier games tend to do. The non-violent theme makes the game mostly family-friendly, though some parents may balk at the idea of their teenagers making wine. That said, it’s definitely something that you can play with almost anyone.

Of course, that doesn’t mean the game is easy. In fact, it’s a relatively dense worker placement, though there’s a reason the Essential Edition ranks in the top 25 all-time games on Board Game Geek. Stegmaier and his team have perfected the art of creating engaging games anyone can get into.

This digital edition allows for up to six people to play together and supports AI play for singleplayer. From what I’ve heard, those bots are no pushovers. Expect a decent challenge when you’re starting out. It also supports cross-platform play, which makes grabbing a game of Viticulture during our current quarantine a much easier prospect.

All told, Viticulture‘s digital edition looks like a solid board game experience. Sure, the art is a little boring, but if you can get past that, there’s a great game waiting for you. Viticulture is available now on Android, iOS, and PC.

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