Vivendi Reportedly Considered Firing Activision CEO Bobby Kotick During Buyout Deal

on July 17, 2014 6:46 AM

Former parent company Vivendi intended to fire Activision CEO Bobby Kotick over a stock deal last year, Bloomburg reports.

A set of court documents divulged as part of a lawsuit by shareholder Anthony Pacchia revealed that several of Vivendi’s leading executives were considering getting rid of Kotick.

One email from the CEO of Vivendi Jean-Francois Dubos asked “I really wonder who’s going to fire him.” Vivendi Chief Financial Officier and chairman for Activision at the time Phillipe Capron replied “Myself, happily. Tomorrow if you want.”

Despite these emails, Kotick remained an important part of Activision. Fearing

Last year a $8.2B deal saw Kotick’s investment group buy 25% of Vivendi’s stock at Activision, securing his control of the game publisher.

The lawsuit currently being filed alleges that Kotick used the threat of his departure to prevent Vivendi from blocking the stock purchase.