ViviTouch’s 4D Sound Trailer Shows Off A Movie Theater Experience In Your Headphones

on July 9, 2013 8:46 PM

So you may remember my recent E3 2013 preview on how ViviTouch’s headphones make you not only listen in surround sound, but feel in surround sound. Well, now you don’t just have my word for it.

The ViviTouch 4D Sound trailer below shows off both the reactions of people have had a chance to try out the headphones, and ViviTouch’s CEO Dirk Schapeler talking about what makes the ViviTouch product so unique. With ViviTouch being developed for specific headsets, including movies, music, and, oh yeah, gaming, it’ll be amazing to see what these headphones will do for experiencing our favorite crime-ridden cities, alien worlds, and lost civilizations.

Expect ViviTouch technology to hit retail stores later this year, and check out the ViviTouch website for more details.

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