Vizio Brings Onlive Gaming to Televisions

Vizio Brings Onlive Gaming to Televisions

Vizio announced that they will be releasing hardware for Google TV that will feature OnLive gaming functionality. Vizio’s Co-Star is a Google TV set top box that will be released for $99.


The box will have HDMI throughput, 3D visuals, 1080p support, wifi functionality, usb support, and the ability to connect to devices such as the OnLive controller through Bluetooth. On the software side, the Co-Star features apps such as Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and iHeartRadio. Users will also have the ability to get apps through the Google Play store, which will allow for access to thousands of apps and games.


Also included is a remote that features on one side a touch pad and on the other side a qwerty keypad. A notable feature about the remote is the gaming buttons on the other side of it. The remote connects to the device via Bluetooth.


Gamers and users looking for an OnLive box for their TV but want some extra functionality such as Netflix will want to keep an eye out for when the Co-Star releases.