Vlambeer is Giving All Nuclear Throne Owners a Giftable Copy of the Game on New Year’s Day

Vlambeer is Giving All Nuclear Throne Owners a Giftable Copy of the Game on New Year’s Day

Vlambeer, the indie development studio primarily composed of Rami Ismail and Jan Willem Nijman, have announced that they will be giving all owners of their Early Access title Nuclear Throne a free giftable copy of the game next year.

Ismail made the announcement in a recent end of the year video he posted yesterday to talk about the future of Nuclear Throne. To thank their fans and expand the game’s testing, Vlambeer decided that it would be best to have its community spread the game to their friends and family by giving them all a free giftable copy of the game. Ismail said:

We are going to be gifting to every single person that has ever bought Nuclear Throne a copy of the game to give to a friend of yours that you think will be a valuable addition to our community. And we hope that that way, we can make the game even better. Get more people involved, get more feedback from people that will get wrecked, that will be sending videos to Twitch of them being awful at the game. And we’re going to give those copies on January 1st. Every single player, and we are talking tens of thousands of free copies of the game, will get an extra copy of Nuclear Throne to give to a friend. That’s a lot of Nuclear Throne that we are giving away!

Nuclear Throne is a “roguelike-like” action-adventure game that has players battling through a post-apocolyptic world as a variety of mutants. Players can mutate their character with new abilities as they go through the game and collect powerful weapons as they fight to reach the titular Nuclear Throne and become the ruler of the Wasteland.

You can watch the full video with the giveaway announcement below. Nuclear Throne will be made available on PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One and PC when it is completed. Presently you can buy and play Nuclear Throne on PC as a part of Steam’s Early Access program for $12.99.