Voice Cast Revealed for Lead Characters in Mass Effect: Andromeda

Voice Cast Revealed for Lead Characters in Mass Effect: Andromeda

As one of the most highly-anticipated titles coming next year, a lot is riding on Mass Effect: Andromeda to continue what was started with the first trilogy of games on the last generation of consoles, and the new title seems to be bringing in some big talent for the next chapter.

Game Informer released new information on several of the voice cast that will be lending their talents to Mass Effect: Andromeda, with three of the actors playing leading characters in the title having been revealed as part of the “N7 Day” celebrations for the series today.

Specifically, Game Informer revealed that actor Clancy Brown (The Shawshank RedemptionCarnivale) will play the role of Alec Ryder (the player characters’ father), Tom Taylorson (Octodad: Dadliest Catch) playing the part of Scott Ryder (the male player character), and Fryda Wolff (Civilization: Beyond Earth) playing Sarah Ryder (the female player character).

Players will have the option at the beginning of the game of playing as either Scott or Sarah Ryder and help shape their appearance with numerous customization options. While players will only directly control one of the two Ryder siblings, the other sibling character will still play a significant role in the storyline as players progress through Mass Effect: Andromeda. More information on the rest of the voice cast will be revealed in the near future as the title heads closer to release.

Mass Effect: Andromeda will release for PS4, Xbox One, and PC in Spring 2017.