Voice of Dragon Age’s Alistair Speaks on Not Being Fan Mobbed and How Swooping is Still Bad

on May 23, 2014 1:54 PM

In an interview published by BioWare today, Steve Valentine, also known as the voice Alistair from Dragon Age, speaks on how he’s impressed by the kindness of fans.

They know, you guys know, every single line. I don’t, so when stuff gets quoted at me, I have to kind of assume it’s a line in the game and kind of laugh and go with it.

He even playfully jokes around with BioWare Community manager, Jessica Merizan, on how she may not be queen material enough to earn Alistair’s in-game character love. While perhaps Valentine hasn’t converted every bit of the game to memory, he does remember at least one thing:

Swooping is bad.

Yes, there are t-shirts.

Alistair Theirin has been confirmed to make an appearance in the third installment to the franchise, Dragon Age: Inquisition, that will be released this fall on October 7.

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