Void Bastards Is Getting New Challenge Modes and DLC

Void Bastards Is Getting New Challenge Modes and DLC

If you need a reason to return to the beautiful world of Void Bastards, you just got one in the form of free content coming soon.

The stylish first-person strategy title Void Bastards will be receiving some free content in the near future. We’re talking challenge modes that change the way you move through the Sargasso Nebula and DLC that features new enemies, organizations, ships, weapons, and rewards.

If you’re unfamiliar with Blue Manchu’s neat looking roguelite, check out this reveal trailer for its new content in the works.

There aren’t many definitive details, but you can expect to rely on stealth and ship system management. No release date yet either, but we’ll have one for you here at DualShockers when that drops.

Void Bastards caught our attention with its unique art style when it was announced back in November. Hearing that it was being developed by a team of former BioShock and System Shock 2 developers definitely added to that interest. It became easier to see the similarities between Void Bastards and those titles once it released for the PC and Xbox One on May 29.

However, Void Bastards remains distinct in its usage of a much smaller budget. Jonathan Chey, Irrational Games co-founder and Void Bastards lead programmer/designer, spoke with us on how rationing a smaller budget forced the team to focus on the essentials. He also spoke on how important NPC intelligence is when it comes to stealth, and that it was essential the player character couldn’t be seen through cover by dumb enemies. Instead, characters have depth–some are even colorblind.

The game follows a group of prisoners as they make their way through space. Players plan their routes, strategize to complete missions, and decide the best course of action to keep everyone alive. If and when the one you’re playing as dies, another prisoner steps up to the plate. You can beat the whole game without anyone dying if you’re skilled enough.

Void Bastards is available via Steam, Humble Bundle, and Xbox Game Pass.