Void Bastards Is Heading to Nintendo Switch According to ESRB Rating

Void Bastards, the indie first-person shooter by Blue Manchu, has been rated for Nintendo Switch, just a few months after being rated for PS4 by ESRB.

If you are into indie games, Void Bastards shouldn’t sound unfamiliar to you. Hitting Xbox One and PC back in May last year, it seems the unofficial console exclusivity is going to expire soon as Void Bastards has been rated for Nintendo Switch.

While the news on Void Bastards‘ PS4 ESRB rating dropped earlier this year, it was discovered the game was rated for Switch as well. Thus far, no official announcement has been revealed by developer Blue Manchu. Regarding the game’s comic-book style graphics and low-spec-friendly visuals, it would be a nice fit for Switch.

Void Bastards is a mixture of roguelike and first-person shooter genres that put you in the shoes of prisoners who are tasked to go through a deadly space journey, traveling from one spaceship to another in order to find resources, weapons, and more importantly, fuel to continue the journey. The path to the end consists of different lines that bind together at some points; you are free to choose your way out of these lines and decide which spaceship to land on and which to skip. Different threats with varying levels of difficulty are waiting for you within every spaceship. If you die, you will restart the game from the beginning with a brand new character that carries the progression and items left from the last prisoner.

Void Bastards received mostly favorable reviews from media after launch and the probable release of the game on PS4 and Nintendo Switch could bring the game to the top of the indie games’ sales chart. Void Bastards received a paid expansion and a set of new free challenges last year; I hope Blue Manchu brings more new content to the game if they are going to release it on the two console platforms.

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