VOIDCRISIS Early Access Begins Next Month On Steam

Restore time with the power of Vital Armor

July 21, 2022

HexaDrive has announced that early access to their new game ‘VOIDCRISIS’ will begin on August 4th via Steam. However, the early access price is still undecided for the western release.

VOIDCRISIS is a tower offense game that can be played by a party of up to four players on a fluctuating battlefield. The players control bio-weapons called VA (Vital Armor) and are tasked with protecting the world from a series of incidents called the voidcrisis, which are time cracks that have appeared on Jupiter’s moon Callisto. The setting was crafted by renowned author Takashima Yuya, known for his work on the Sci-Fi novel Space Battleship Yamato Dawn Chapter: Aquarius Algorithm.


The actual gameplay of VOIDCRISIS will depend on players clearing waves of enemies that are gradually increasing in difficulty through mutual cooperation. As the game progresses, new modes will open up, allowing players to enjoy different kinds of online play modes. The graphics use Dynamic Mechanical Art Shaders which are able to reproduce the essence of CG art and Mecha Plastic models into the game with perfect accuracy. The art director Hiroyuki Yamamoto is also a veteran in the gaming industry with an amazing portfolio.

Moreover, voice actress Nana Mizuki (Ann Takamaki in Persona 5/Hinata Hyuga in Naruto) is confirmed to be playing an important role in VOIDCRISIS. According to the FAQ on the Steam page, the early access is scheduled to run for about 2 to 3 months, and it will include both multiplayer and single-player modes where players can enjoy the main story episodes without any extra content. In the full version, the team is planning to add the ability to enjoy previously played episodes, as well as more missions with various conditions and rules.

Hexadrive has expressed its plans to keep the community involved in the process of development by opening an official discord server along with their official Steam page, and that they will be sending regular announcements and updates via their news services and other community outlets. It was also stated that the full version will be sold at a higher price than the currently discounted early access version. Now is the chance for players to help in shaping VOIDCRISIS with the developers and making it the best it can possibly be.

Mohamed Hassan

Mohamed (He/Him) from Egypt is Interested in gaming as a storytelling medium and how it can give shape to new emotions and life lessons. He is currently learning the Japanese language and is interested on learning more about the Japanese culture and other cultures and how they are represented in gaming. Also a Long term fan of JRPGs, Indie games and VIsual Novels.

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