Volition Streaming Canceled PSP Game Saints Row Undercover Thursday on Twitch

Recently Volition published a video showing off the story behind Saints Row Undercover, also known as Saints Row The Fall. The game was in a PSP Development Kit found while video editors at Volition were going through old storage. Asking around, they eventually found out it was for a canceled PSP game that was being handled by a third party. What began as a port of Saints Row 2 became its own game once the developer realized the PSP could not handle Saints Row 2 adequately. The reasoning for its cancellation was it ultimately did not meet Volition or THQ’s standards for a Saints Row game.

The version currently playable has a tutorial mission, some customization for the player’s character, and an open world to run around in. At first the editors were not allowed to show the game to those outside the studio, but after some thought and discussions were given the ok to show the unfinished product. To that end, a stream of the game will be taking place on Thursday, January 28, 2016 at 2PM Pacific Time on their Twitch channel.

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