Vote for DualShockers’ Gamescom 2017 Game of Show Readers’ Choice Award

Vote for DualShockers’ Gamescom 2017 Game of Show Readers’ Choice Award

You can now cast your vote for DualShockers' Gamescom 2017 Game of Show Readers’ Choice Award

It is a tradition at every major trade show for our DualShockers Awards to include a Reader’s Choice Award, voted by you, to honor the favorite game among our readers. Of course, Gamescom is no exception, so it’s time to express your preference

After all, it isn’t very fun if we choose everything ourselves, and there is a whole lot more of you than there is of us.

Since we respect and cherish diversity of games and development cultures, we also thought that it wouldn’t be fair to limit your choices to just a few nominees, so we included as many games as we possibly could in the list.

This means that to find your favorite game in the survey below, you may need to do some serious scrolling. In order to keep things fair, the order in which the games are presented is completely random.

To limit spam, you’ll be asked to log in with a google account. If you don’t have one, creating it is quite easy and very quick.

Voting will be closed at 17:30 CEST on Thursday, August 24th. That translates to 8:30 PDT.

Since this award represents the voices and taste of our readers, it is without a doubt the most relevant that we’re going to deliver, and experience teaches me that it’s also the award that developers appreciate the most, so make your vote count.

Now that you know what this is all about, it’s time to jump below (or here if you prefer a full-screen and mobile-friendly version) and vote in the survey. Do feel free to let us know what you voted for and why in the comments.

You can also check out the results of last year’s DualShockers Gamescom Awards.