Vote For the Robots You’ll Kill in Shoot Many Robots

on April 27, 2011 1:00 PM

Vote For the Robots You'll Kill in Shoot Many Robots

Sometimes the title of a game is enough to both fully explain it’s concept, and sell you on it. Shoot Many Robots, like the movie Kickpuncher before it has done just that. But they wanted a little help, so they looked out to the community with their “Design Many Robots” program which sticks to the “just call it what it is” design choice that’s been working great for them so far. What they asked was for people to well…design robots.

The submissions have been narrowed down to the finalists and are now available for you to vote on. The winner will be included in the game and it’s creators will be flown out to Boston to visit Demiurge Studios to watch their robot creation come to life. For more information on the game make sure to check out our interview with the developers or check out the trailer included with the announcement.

Check out some images of the finalists after the break.

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