Voting Now Open for Top Five Dying Light Contest Mods, Devs Considering Making Them “Available for Our Console Fans”

on September 8, 2015 5:19 PM

The second Beyond Dying Light contest has now reached the voting period, and with it comes a slew of intensely creative mods for the title.

The winner of said contest will receive an Alienware Alpha gaming PC and a ton of Dying Light merchandise:

Dying Light

According to Producer Tymon Smektala:

The Dying Light fans seriously continue to surprise us with their creativity and it was the exact same thing with these mods. Some of these are so unique and fun that we found ourselves even playing them in our spare time. That led us to start talking about trying to make these available for our console fans. We’re looking into it, but we’ll have to see.

The top five mods to vote for are:

  • The Winchester Tavern –  a near perfect replica of the famous pub from the cult-hit movie Shaun of the Dead. Grab a pint and defend your local watering hole.
  • SkyFall – an intricate and twisted journey through a man’s troubled dreams. Various levels and puzzles that get more and more warped the further you delve.
  • Escaping Death – a classic action-packed Dying Light experience full of combat and parkour.
  • Repetition: Horror House – recreating the tension of the infamous P.T. house but with a Harran-flavoured twist.
  • Little Big World – “Honey, I shrunk the outbreak.” Battle and parkour your way through an infested house, all while being the size of a bottle cap.

Go to the contest website here to download the five competing mods and cast your vote.

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