First VR Sense Games Announced, Including Dead or Alive Xtreme; Will Also Come to PlayStation VR

First VR Sense Games Announced, Including Dead or Alive Xtreme; Will Also Come to PlayStation VR

Koei Tecmo introduces the first games for its VR Sense arcade platform, but they will also come to PlayStation VR.

Today, Koei Tecmo announced the first games that will come to its “VR Sense” arcade experiences. VR Sense is basically a series of arcade cabinets featuring virtual reality games that will start location testing in Japan this August.

The technology used by VR Sense is actually based on Sony Interactive Entertainment’s PlayStation VR, even if Koei Tecmo clarified that it’ll have its own proprietary specs. During a presentation held this morning at the Tokyo Bay Ariake Washington Hotel in Tokyo, it was also mentioned that the games developed for VR Sense will also be released for PlayStation VR.

On the platform’s official site the first five games have been announced with a list of features for each. “Other big titles in development” have also been teased.

Dead or Alive Xtreme Sense

  • The girls’ swimsuits upgrade every time you win the game.
  • Approach a girl and feel a faint whiff of her fragrance.
  • Achieving a high score lets you enjoy a fascinating “appreciation time.”

Super Sengoku Coaster

  • Real rollercoaster feeling reproduced by the multi-functional 3D seat.
  • Diverse stages: Castle Town, Castle Interior and Battlefield.
  • Unpredictable course events like the breaking of the track or being flipped in the air.

GI Jockey Sense

  • Commentary by famous announcer Yoshihiko Yano.
  • Full sense of presence due to wind, rain, snow and more.
  • You can race rival horses with a realistic feeling thanks to the controller and 3D seat.

Horror Sense

  • The multi-purpose 3D Seat moves in unison with the video.
  • Bugs falling from the ceiling and small animals running at your feet are reproduced with the tactile feature.
  • Story and interactivity that you can’t help but wanting to clear.

Super Sengoku Musou

  • A new experience of the surrounding battlefield.
  • Experience the hot flames on the battlefield.
  • Overwhelmingly immersive feeling facilitating excitement for the players.

You can see pictures for each title in the gallery at the bottom of the post.

The features of VR Sense are actually quite interesting, including multi-purpose 3D seat, a “fragrance” feature to enhance the sense of presence, a tactile feature to provide unexpected surprises, a wind feature to give the feeling of movement, heating and cooling to convey the changes in the environment, and a mist feature to simulate the climate, like rain and moisture.