VR Survival Horror Title Organ Quarter Hits Kickstarter Goal, Stretch Goal Announced and New Trailer Released

VR survival horror title Organ Quarter hits crowdfunding goal with two days to spare and adds new stretch goal.

The Kickstarter campaign for Outer Brain Studios’ VR survival horror game Organ Quarter is complete, breaking its initial $6,500 goal with more than two days remaining. The indie development studio announced a new stretch goal of $7,500 which if funded, would include a rogue-like challenge mode.

The new rogue-like challenge mode gives players the chance to explore as deep into the Organ Quarter as they possibly can in the face of steadily increasing challenges. Every area, enemy and item will be randomly arranged, giving players a fresh experience every time. The new mode will include a leaderboard where players can compare their performance with friends and challengers from across the world.

Here is a brief breakdown of Organ Quarter from the games’ Kickstarter page:

Organ Quarter is a VR survival horror game focused on what made survival horror great: labyrinthine environments, resource management and well-balanced puzzling. We’d love to pay homage to the slow, methodical survival horror experiences of the ’90s – this includes building a compelling world and universe as well as making a great adventure.

Here’s the twist: we’re also going to leverage hand-tracked and room-scale VR to provide the most intense and unsettling experience possible. We’re going to bring horror into the realm of the intimate. Horror in your personal space, as well as in the world outside.

A key tenet of Organ Quarter’s design is maintaining a tight balance of exploration, puzzles and combat.

This is not a wave shooter or a walking simulator – Organ Quarter is a traditional survival horror game. A long-form adventure which plays out over a large area and a longer span of time, with intricately connected levels, resources and tools at the player’s disposal. The gameworld is designed with old school survival horror in mind – the player can roam in larger ‘hub’ areas, but to progress through the world and story they must complete specific areas or ‘dungeons’ and find ‘keys’.

The game’s combat revolves around simple but tense gunfighting gameplay. As the player progresses, combat will use hand-tracked aiming features to toy with their expectations (enemies having weak points, strong points, items on their bodies, etc).

The current Kickstarter campaign features 9 pledge tiers and is being run primarily to fund the developers’ living costs for the remaining development period. The Kickstarter campaign will conclude on March 10, 2017.

Outer Brain Studios also released a new trailer today teasing some of the eerie environments that players can look forward to when the game releases later this year. Players can back this project to help hit the newly added stretch goal here. Additionally, an alpha demo of Organ Quarter can be downloaded on Steam.

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