VR Title Gunheart Gets New Bosses, Levels, and More in Fall Update

VR Title Gunheart Gets New Bosses, Levels, and More in Fall Update

Drifter Entertainment's cooperative VR title Gunheart is getting a slew of new additions that'll add more hours of content for players to enjoy.

The developers over at Drifter Entertainment have released the largest content update yet for their virtual reality title Gunheart. 

The update will add a slew of new additions to the game including nine new story missions as well as 20 side missions that’ll be unlocked by playing through some of the new story missions.

You can also expect to find a bunch of new bosses as well as a new infested biome location that you can explore. The developers have also added some new mods that you can use to change your character stats as well as weapon stats in the game. Additionally, you can also grab 30 new cosmetic items to customize your bounty hunter. You can check out the changes for yourself in the developer’s update video down below.

If you’re not familiar with Gunheart it’s a cooperative shooter that’s built from top to bottom for virtual reality. You and your friends play as robot bounty hunters looking to make a profit at the edge of the galaxy. The game is cool because it actually dynamically adjusts difficulty depending on how many players are in your game. There are a lot of ways to move in the game so you can play it standing, sitting, or to room scale.

Gunheart is available now on PC for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Players with different VR headsets can still play the game with one another.