VR Title Until Dawn: Rush of Blood Was Well into Development Before Until Dawn; Dev Learned “Some Tricks” from It

on December 13, 2015 9:40 AM

Supermassive Games’ upcoming VR title Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, was already well into development even before Until Dawn’s success.

Executive Producer Simon Harris talked about the game in a recent interview, and talked about how Until Dawn’s success benefits their upcoming game, as it’s “a great starting point for Until Dawn: Rush of Blood.”

“Obviously the success of Until Dawn is a great starting point for Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, but we were well into the development of this as a VR game before we knew exactly how Until Dawn was going to be received, I guess the success has ratified our choices and we hope that players will be excited to play a completely new VR experience in and beyond that world.”

He continued to comment on shifting Until Dawn from PS3 to PS4, and that it was a “massive shift in terms of technology, systems and especially content.”

“The shift from the initial PlayStation 3 with Move version of Until Dawn to the final PlayStation 4 version was a massive shift in terms of technology, systems and especially content as the game went through a substantial shift in tone, [Rush of Blood] shares the same core game engine and toolset, so it made it easier to bring across a lot of the content such as the locations, characters, etc. We then started adding the aspects we needed for Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, so it’s fair to say that we have created a massive amount of new Blackwood Pines content, as well as some entirely new locations, to deliver this experience.”

Of course, developers tend to learn from their mistakes in previous games and fix them in their upcoming projects. That’s the case with Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, as Supermassive Games learned “some tricks” from the original.

“Until Dawn taught us some tricks about building tension and fear, and then capitalizing on that with moments of shock and horror, some of those visual and audio techniques do transfer across, albeit with some adjustment for VR, but on the whole it’s an all-new approach.”

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood does not have a release date yet.

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