VRidge Is an Emulator That Plays PC VR Games on Google Cardboard; Update 2.0 Announced

VRidge is a VR emulator, which allows Google Cardboard users to experience high-end VR gaming without having to burn a major hole in their pockets.

on January 18, 2018 9:30 PM

Virtual Reality is slowly, but surely becoming popular in the gaming industry. Although, many gamers do not own a VR headset either because of its expensive price point, the demand for a high-end PC, or in many cases, both. Those looking to experience VR without breaking major bank explore cheaper options, including the Google Cardboard. Despite the Google Cardboard having extreme technical limitations when compared to PC VR headsets such as the HTC VIve and Oculus Rift, Cardboard owners now have a chance experience high-end VR gaming in the form of VRidge.

VRidge is an emulating software and streaming platform created by RiftCat and allows users to stream and play HTC Vive and Oculus Rift games from a Windows PC onto their smartphone. To put it simply, your PC does all the processing and streaming through the RiftCat client, while the actual VRidge application displays game, while the smartphone and  Google Cardboard are used to provide motion sensing and head tracking.

While this is a fantastic and ambitious way for those to experience games from these high-end headsets, VRidge, by no means is a replacement for the products, but rather a way for those to experience in VR gaming before committing to one headset or the other.

Additionally, this week the company announced a new update, VRidge 2.0, which will launch on January 30 and features a slew of new features including multi-language support and a new user interface.

Currently, VRidge is available now as a beta, which you can download now with a free trial and full version (which is a one-time price of 14 Euros/17.14 USD). For more information on VRidge, check out the official website as well as the PC configuration requirements needed to run the software below.

Requirements Minimum Recommended
OS Windows 8.1 (AMD) or Windows 7 (NVidia) Windows 10
CPU i5-2500 equivalent or greater i5-4590 equivalent or greater
System Memory 4GB RAM or more 8GB RAM or more
Video Card NVidia GeForce GTX 650 or greater with NVENC support


AMD Radeon 7750 or greater with VCE 1.0+ support

NVidia GeForce GTX 970 or greater with NVENC support


AMD Radeon 290 or greater with VCE 1.0+ support

Mobile Phone Android 5.0+ smartphone Android 5.0+ smartphone with gyroscope
Cardboard viewer Any cardboard-compatible mobile viewer Any cardboard-compatible mobile viewer
Connection 2.4GHz WiFi router or USB 2.0 cable 5GHz WiFi router or USB 3.0 cable
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