Wacky Wizards All Gun Update Potions and Ingredients

New Wednesday, new update.

By Mehrdad Khayyat

September 8, 2021

Wacky Wizards Gun Update is here with a new ingredient and a list of new potions to craft.

The most exciting day of the week for Wacky Wizards fans is here with a brand new update that expands the list of potions again.

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After last week’s Goblin update that added the new Goblin Village to the map along with a few new quests and a new ingredient, now, all the fans are excited about the Gun update and its content.

As the name implies, the new update will probably add a gun to the game, or at least, some kind of new projectiles, but what’s the real story behind this update? Well, let’s find out.

NBA 2K22 | The City

NBA 2K22 | The City

Wacky Wizards Gun Update Potions


  • Gun
  • AirStrike (Premium Only)

Free Potions:

  • 182. Bullet potion: Gun
  • 183. Dynamite slinger potion: Gun + Dynamite
  • 184. Giant-ray potion: Gun + Giant’s Ear
  • 185. Flamethrower potion: Gun + Chilli
  • 186. Bee-cannon potion: Gun + Honey
  • 187. Shrink ray potion: Gun + Fairy
  • 188. Beangun potion: Gun + Beans
  • 189. Watergun potion: Gun + Fish
  • 190. Poopy-gun potion: Gun + Rotten Sandwich
  • 191. Pig Launcher potion: Gun + Pet Tags
  • 192. Poison hair potion: Gun + Spider
  • 193. Buxshoot potion: Gun + Robux

Premium Potions:

  • P93. Airstrike potion: AirStrike
  • P94. Shrink-beam potion: AirStrike + Fairy
  • P95. Freeze-gun potion: Gun + Frozen Egg
  • P96. Bee-swarm potion: AirStrike + Honey
  • P97. Big-gun potion: AirStrike + Giant’s Ear
  • P98. Gun-fire potion: AirStrike + Gun
  • P99. Freeze storm potion: AirStrike + Frozen Egg
  • P100. Throw nukes potion: AirStrike + Dynamite
  • P101. Fire napalm potion: AirStrike + Chilli
  • P102. IED potion: AirStrike + Beans

*The list above will be updated as soon as new potions are discovered.

With the potions above, you can hunt Mr. Rich in a blink of an eye with your friends. You will also face Mr. Megarich as well. so, you’d better try out all the guns above on Mr. Rich before the real challenge arrives.

Wacky Wizards is now available for free on Roblox. You can access Roblox through Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S, as well as Android and iOS devices. There has been no word on a PlayStation version of Roblox so far.

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