WAKFU Now Free-to-Play for All

on February 29, 2012 10:45 AM

Square Enix’ newest MMORPG has now officially “opened” as it were. The game client is free to download here, and will work on PC, Mac, and Linux.

A basic account will cost you absolutely nothing, though for $6 a month players will get access to a premium account, which includes access to all levels, game areas, and story chapters, the ability to master all 16 professions, create and join guilds and become the next governor. Both types of accounts will be able to use WAKFU‘s microtansaction store to buy extra content and items for your character.

WAKFU offers 12 customizable character classes, a turn-based battle system, and a large mission system to work through, among many others. I played a bit of the closed beta myself after NYCC, and I really enjoyed it. If you’ve got the time to get sucked into another RPG, I highly encourage you to give WAKFU a go.

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