Walking the PlayStation Experience 2015 Line and Touring the Show Floor

on December 10, 2015 9:45 PM

PlayStation Experience 2015 was a great time all around. With 15,000 tickets sold and three floors of the show to explore, it was also quite large. To help capture some of the experience (get it?) I took some footage of me walking the line and touring both levels of the main show floor. Sorry if you wanted to see a big empty keynote room as I did not record the third floor. which only contained that theater and some panels.

I am not very skilled at video shooting so sorry if the quality of the footage is disappointing, but I did capture a great moment of mascot Ratchet dancing as he walked. Both videos are below for your enjoyment, with music by Daemon Hatfield (“Special Fear” from Background Processes) and Dust Brothers (“Abort Mission” from Fight Club).

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