All Walls Must Fall Kickstarter Fully Funded; Stretch Goals Outlined

All Walls Must Fall Kickstarter Fully Funded; Stretch Goals Outlined

Just because inbetweengames' All Walls Must Fall was fully funded on Kickstarter in five days, doesn't mean the team behind the tech-noir title is resting on its laurels.

Last week, we announced that indie team inbetweengames’ debut title All Walls Must Fall had launched a Kickstarter campaign. Today, we can say that that Kickstarter was successful, but inbetweengames has no intention of stopping there.

It only took five days for All Walls Must Fall to be fully funded on Kickstarter with its $16,269.00 goal, but Game Designer Jan David Hassel says the team is eager to see its full vision for the game come to fruition.

“We are ecstatic to reach our initial funding goal for All Walls Must Fall, in the first five days and would like to thank every backer that has belief in our vision, so we can turn this into a reality. We are excited about pushing our vision for All Walls Must Fall further, with the announcement of two stretch goals of Vandalism! And Act 2: West Berlin.”

The new stretch goal, dubbed ‘Vandalism!’, brings the new crowdfunding amount to $21,734.00 and would feature a more in-depth cover system, destructible walls and objects, as well as the “Acid Techno” music track by Jukio Kallio (Nuclear Throne, LUFTRAUSERS).

If the newest stretch goal is met, inbetweengames will be looking for a new total amount of $81,502.00. That will allow the team to create Act 2: West Berlin, which promises at least to double the length of the game’s campaign and to introduce new character Alev, whose time-manipulation abilities allow players to freeze time and split the character’s actions into two that act simultaneously.

In All Walls Must Fall, players enter a world where the Cold War never ended and has in fact been ongoing for 150 years. Time travel technology has been developed in order for the world’s agents to gain the upper-hand on each other. In the game’s first act, players attempt to prevent nuclear apocalypse, by looping through the events of a single night, utilizing combat and dialogue via isometric, pausable real-time gameplay. inbetweengames also says that music will play an important role in gameplay.

inbetweengames was started when four game developers working on Dead Island 2 for YAGER learned that the game had been cancelled. Now, they strive to make the games they feel would never have been made while still working for a larger company.

All Walls Must Fall will release on PC, Mac, and Linux. No release window has been provided at this time, but a closed alpha is scheduled this May.