Walmart Begins Sending Cancellation Emails for SNES Classic Edition Pre-Orders

Walmart Begins Sending Cancellation Emails for SNES Classic Edition Pre-Orders

Despite the brief period of availability last Friday, Walmart is appearing to deliver mass cancelations of pre-orders on the SNES Classic Edition.

Following its reveal earlier this month, Nintendo’s next micro-console — the SNES Classic Edition — is already set to be one of the holiday season’s most highly sought-after commodities, as long as last year’s NES Classic Edition was any indication. However, those that managed to snag a pre-order from Walmart last week thinking they nabbed the (sure to be) rare item might be in for some disappointment.

According to many customers (including some of our own staff), Walmart has sent out cancelation emails to those that attempted to pre-order an SNES Classic Edition from the retailer last week, when the console surprisingly showed up late last Friday for pre-order online.


However, Walmart has since confirmed in its email that “due to a technical glitch,” the system was “mistakenly made available” during that brief period last Friday, as echoed by Walmart’s customer support over the past few days. In the email, Walmart explained that orders for the system will be canceled, and that those that paid with a credit card will have the charges voided, or refunded if paid with a gift card or PayPal account.

While there’s no hard confirmation about the extent of the cancellation as emails have only gone out recently, more likely than not it seems Walmart is set to cancel a high amount of the pre-orders from last Friday (if not all of them) until the system is officially ready to pre-order ahead of its release this fall.

The SNES Classic Edition is the next micro-console to come from Nintendo following the highly sought-after NES Classic Edition last year, with the system to include 21 of the game’s classic titles, and will also feature the never-before-released Star Fox 2. The system is set to release on September 29th, 2017.