Wanna Win a Trip to E3?

Wanna Win a Trip to E3?

width="300"Want to be a special guest of the PlayStation Network? I thought you might. The PlayStation Network wants to send you to Los Angeles for the E3-Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center June 15-17. Here is what you need to do, PlayStation Network wants you to create an “open letter” video to Kevin Butler—everyone’s favorite PlayStation VP in the “Dear PlayStation” commercials. Make sure it’s funny, creative and original.

A couple of things you want to include:

  • Each video should begin with the phrase “Dear PlayStation”
  • Include your take on Kevin Butler’s ever-changing title
  • Make sure you include your own name and title (e.g., John Smith, Desperate Fan)
  • Keep your submissions brief and to the point (30 seconds or less)
  • Videos can be about anything PlayStation related
  • All content must be original—no copyrighted music, video, pictures, etc.
  • Don’t film Kevin’s response

When you’re through with your masterpiece, here’s how you submit it:

  • Don’t send us your video file
  • Do submit your video file to your favorite social media site
  • Email us that link and your current contact information (including phone number) to: playstation_community_support@playstation.sony.com

Winner will receive Airfare to Los Angeles, 3 nights Hotel Stay, and entry into the E3-Expo as a special VIP Guest of the PlayStation Network. And we at DualShockers will be there as well so look us up.