Want Angry Birds: Space Exclusive Content? You Better Have an Android (and Shop at Walmart)!

While nothing has been officially announced just yet, this teaser image posted by the  Angry Birds twitter account has us drawing some educated guesses of our own.

As everyone should know, mobile game developer Rovio has absolutely no shame and will probably release Angry Birds: Space for every device on the planet that can possibly play it, which probably includes some kitchen appliances at this point. What makes today’s tease interesting is that it’s pointing out T-Mobile and Walmart specifically.

For those of you that don’t know, T-Mobile — the only iPhone-less kid on the block — has a service known as ‘Family Mobile’ sold exclusively through brick and mortar chain Walmart. And while they lack Apple’s iOS powerhouse, they have the most Android phones out of the “big four” national carriers. With that said, I don’t think there’s any coincidence why both companies made a cameo appearance on the recent image. So what could it be? Exclusive content? Special pricing? I haven’t even finished Angry Birds: Rio yet!

What we do know — is that whatever it is — it will be for Android users only.

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