Want to Beat Portal in 10 Minutes? Here’s How

on December 10, 2010 9:00 AM

Want to Beat Portal in 10 Minutes?  Here's How

Portal‘s a pretty short game.  It might be the most-defining single player experience of this generation for me, but it still took me a few hours to finish it the first time.   Last I tried to speedrun it, it took me 48 minutes, and I thought that was impressive, but gamer DemonStrate has completely blown me by the wayside, finishing the first person puzzler in a little over ten minutes.

Granted, he takes advantage of a ton of exploits and glitches found and discovered, but still, the last couple minutes is absolutely impressive in that “what the hell am I watching ?” way.

Taking down GlaDOS is particularly amazing.  Bravo, DemonStrate; I can’t even begin to compete with the skills you possess.

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