Want to Make Minecraft Somehow MORE Addicting? Just Add Pokemon!

Pokeballs, to be precise. An upstanding chap named Apox has come up with the greatest “chocolate in my peanut butter” moment since, well, “chocolate in my peanut butter”: he’s modded in Pokeballs into Minecraft, and they work exactly like how you would expect.

Watch as the dude throws the ball at the sheep, encasing it in its cramped confines, only to throw the ball again and release it. The possibilities are endless, especially when it comes to harassing a player that’s been griefing the hell out of you on the server. You’re going to light my house on fire? How about I place ten zombies in your house when you’re not looking? How about I throw a Creeper at your face? How do you like that now, mwahaahaaha!

…sorry, don’t know what got into me. Anyway, hit the jump for the glorious mod, and if you want it on your server, he provides the download link as well.

No word yet on the inevitable Pokemon Colosseum mod.

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Allen Park

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