Want to Play StarCraft II With the DualShockers Staff?

on August 3, 2010 12:00 PM

Want to Play StarCraft II With the DualShockers Staff?

Everyone and their grandmother is playing StarCraft II these days, and the staff here at DualShockers is no exception. Not all of us are the crème of the crop as far as the game’s multiplayer goes, but hey, we’re not opposed to getting our rear ends handed to us by our readers a time or two. While this isn’t an “official” playdate or anything, if you leave your StarCraft II character name in the comments, it will help both us and other readers to hook up and maybe play some matches together.

Please note that we advise against using your Battle.net e-mail address, because that will expose 1) your private e-mail and 2) your real name. Remember, that whole Real ID thing Blizzard has going on? Yeah, that’s why. Please just use your character names when posting in the comments unless you really don’t care that the whole Interwebs has your private info. After you play with someone a while, then decide if you want to become Real ID friends with them.

So, drop your character names below and have at it!

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