Want to See the Next Mortal Kombat Movie?

on June 8, 2010 3:00 PM

Want to See the Next Mortal Kombat Movie?

This just might be it. A way for Mortal Kombat to get over here into 2010 once and for all. For MK fans like me there has been a long period since the last satisfying MK experience and this means that we are hungry for more! Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe was an abomination to most purist Mortal Kombat fans out there. Call me crazy, call me a genius, but I’m not backing down from this.

I personally enjoyed the past Mortal Kombat games but recognize that they may not have aged so well. Being that MK was one of the world’s favorite fighter games when those films released, perhaps I would have liked them no matter what. Things are different now and it feels like MK has a lot to re-prove to the world. Is this mysterious trailer a preview for a new movie meant to launch MK back to the heights of greatness it once achieved? I’ll let you be the judge, for now this is rumor status but if you check the video out after the break you will probably agree this is most likely the real deal barring some quazi-fashionably-late-april-fools joke.


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