Want to Win a Copy of Magicka? Show Us Your Best Spell!

By Allen Park

February 14, 2011

So my Magicka review just came out, and if you didn’t read it, you should. Spoilers: it’s absolutely glowing, and everyone should buy it. To get more hype going for this amazing little game, we have a few copies to give away to you fine readers. Just comment in this post to enter!

What’s the catch? Well, just like the gameplay in Magicka, you’re going to have to post your very own handcrafted spell, and how you would use it in the real world. For example, I would combine Fire and Water to create Steam, which I would then combine with Life to create a healing steam beam, for those days when the hot water runs out, or I need to boil up some ramen and I’m hungry and lazy at the same time.

Remember, here’s the eight elements: Water, Life, Shield, Cold, Lightning, Arcane, Rock, and Fire. You can combine Water and Fire to create Steam, and Water and Cold to create Ice. Additionally, Lightning and Rock are opposites, as are Arcane and Life, so no combining those. If you don’t want to just be spraying around Water or Fire, you can cast a beam spell by combining your elements with Life and/or Arcane. You can cast an area of effect spell and/or enchant whatever “weapon” you’re holding as well. So if you want to enchant your spork with Cold so your ice cream doesn’t melt when you eat it, so be it.

…or, you can just ignore the rules and go crazy with your creativity. Our favorite comments will be rewarded with a fresh copy of Magicka, and an opportunity to co-op with yours truly! You have until Friday February 11, 2011 at 11:59pm EST to get your comments in. Be sure to leave your valid email address.

Put on your robe and wizard hat, and get to it!

**Update** The following people have won Steam codes for Magicka:

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Rice Gangster



Check your twitter DM’s and emails if you were listed.

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