War Inc. Battlezone Enters Open Beta Phase 2

on December 5, 2011 10:15 AM

War In. Battlezone, developed by Online Warmongers as the first free-to-play AAA third-person shooter in the world, is now starting with its last open beta phase. The first phase started in late July, and so far players from 175 countries have racked up the equivalent of 13,000 years of gameplay (120 million hours).

CEO Sergey Titov of Online Warmongers states that with more than 100 officially licensed weapons, his game surpasses any and all shooters ever released, free-to-play or not.

The new beta phase includes features like: new camera and character controls, an upgraded weapons system, new mechanics, and an overhauled game engine.

The full game will be available on December 7 here. Signing up via Impulse will receive an package of discounted premium items. Those interested in joining the beta can do so here, along with lots of new information and message boards.

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