War Mongrels First Gameplay Footage Revealed, An Isometric Stealth Game Set in World War II

War Mongrels is a tactical and stealth-based real-time isometric game set in the World War II era.

By Mehrdad Khayyat

September 8, 2020

War Mongrels is the next project from Destructive Creations, the developers behind Ancestors: Legacy, that is set to be released in 2021 for PC. Along with announcing the game, the developer has also revealed its extended gameplay footage, showing off the game’s various mechanics aiding to accomplish the objectives.

Following the story of two German deserters in the midst of World War II, your mission is to guide them through multiple enemy outposts filled with veteran soldiers, heavy tanks, and other military killing machines that would be enough for taking down two deserters, so, you need to be very careful. Here you can take a look at the trailer:

You can either choose to control both characters yourself or team-up with a friend in co-op mode and jump into the game. Each character has some unique skills and abilities that could help you in various situations. You’d better keep everything quiet and follow your objectives without being spotted by enemy members, but we all know that there are situations that you have to get engaged in face to face shootouts. Fortunately, the game allows you to do it either way, though it’s obviously tougher to win when you alert all the soldiers in an outpost.

Before engaging with enemies, you have the ability to switch into the planning mode and draw all the steps for taking the soldiers down. Most of the time, it’s better to do it quietly with melee weapons, but sometimes the enemies are close enough to each other that you need to make a lot of noise.

War Mongrels is currently under development and is due out next year. The game has only been confirmed for PC with no word on consoles as target platforms. Regarding the studio’s history, they might only release it on PC similar to their last project, Ancestors: Legacy.

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