War Thunder Prepares for PS4 With Another Visual Upgrade

War Thunder Prepares for PS4 With Another Visual Upgrade

Two weeks ago Gaijin Entertainment announced that their online flight simulator War Thunder is going to be released on the PS4, and looks like they’re working hard to dress the game up for the occasion.

Today the development studio announced that the already amazing graphics of the game are going to receive a further major upgrade in an upcoming patch to the PC version, with a radical improvement of the display of shadows in the game.


The effective resolution of shadows will be multiplied by four, making them visibly smoother and softer, while the beauty of the models displayed by the game will be further enhanced by the addition of SSAO (Screen Space Ambient Occlusion), that will greatly improve their three-dimensional look.

This adds to what was announced four days ago, that included a new lens flare effect and new clouds that will look more realistic and will be seeded at multiple altitudes.

Below you can see a video showcasing the new shadows and SSAO, and a gallery showcasing the upgraded clouds. It looks quite fantastic, doesn’t it?