Warcraft Movie Scripts Still Being Written

Warcraft Movie Scripts Still Being Written

For a while now, many Warcraft fans have been salivating at the thought of a potential Warcraft movie. News constantly emerges detailing minuscule elements of the potential movie. Once folks found out that Sam Raimi might be using his directorial skills to conjure what we’re hoping would be a great flick, pants began unzipping and masturbation ensued.

Robert Tapert, a producer on the Warcraft movie project, has told IFM “it’s in development. We’re in the outline/story/script phase.”

Anyone who isn’t literate enough to understand what the above quote indicates shouldn’t worry too much. I will decode this for you cretins, and let you know that what this basically indicates is that the movie is still in the early stages of development. No cameras, no people holding those long microphone sticks, nothing. Just a couple of dudes sitting around reading scripts.

As depressing as it sounds, it’s still good news. At least we’re not hearing that the movie has been scrapped, or that Uwe Boll is directing the movie. God knows if that happened, riots will take place, and Hollywood would be burned to the ground. I think I’d be a bit happier once they say “… and the movie has begun filming.”

I can only imagine how the game would look. If anyone has seen Avatar, you can only pray that the same technology is used to craft these races. Now, I love Raimi… but if these people tell me that James Cameron is directing the movie, I will cry in excitement and Youtube it for your enjoyment.