Warface Now Has Over 25 Million Registered Users Worldwide

Warface Now Has Over 25 Million Registered Users Worldwide

Crytek’s free-to-play first person shooter Warface sure has a lot of people registered to play it. 25 Million of them in fact. This is after two years of the title being released.

Warface was first launched in Russia where it found its initial success. It then made it over to the United States, Europe, Turkey, Korea and Brazil in late 2013. Plans for it to go live in Asian countries: Japan, China and Taiwan will move forward later this year. This once PC only game also made it to the Xbox 360 last week.

Here is what Cevat Yerli, Crytek’s CEO and Creative Director had to say about this milestone achievement:

It is a fantastic achievement for our franchise and for our teams, and we’d like to thank Warface players everywhere for their support. Warface is part of our games-as-service model, which means the game thrives off and revolves around our community. We look forward to delivering more of the great gameplay experiences that they have come to expect, and can promise the growing ranks of Warface fans that the franchise still has lots of surprises in store.

Congratulations to Crytek Kiev for all that they’ve accomplished with Warface.