Warface Brings New Content in Release Trailer for PlayStation 4

Warface Brings New Content in Release Trailer for PlayStation 4

Warface is out now for PlayStation 4 owners with a new PvP mode and map, a new PvE raid, and bonus items for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Warface is now out of beta on PlayStation 4 and with it has come new PvP and PvE content.

Crytek has pulled their new free to play shooter out of early access and into full release, thanking those who participated and gave feedback prior to this day. Warface has a new mode, Blitz, a comb

ination of team deathmatch and plant the bomb. The mode follows plant the bomb but with a larger focus on the countdown timer. Once the bomb is planted players have only 90-seconds to fight it out over whether it detonates or is deactivated. This mode will be introduced with a brand new map Hawkrock with several chokepoints and areas of access.

Hawkrock is a countryside estate, in which is the bomb location, transmitter, and stolen prototypes. Some access points are gated but only require C4 to open them up for anyone to use. Other pre-existing game modes will also be receiving new maps as well.

A new raid named Earth Shaker has also been introduced in Sector H26, the bottom of an active volcano in Africa.

Intel suggests the research site is well-guarded and employs highly-advanced defensive turrets. Each of these “marvels of engineering” carries different equipment and thus different danger, and when deployed you’ll have to adjust your strategy.

PlayStation Plus subscriptions will not be required to play Warface on PlayStation 4. If you do have a subscription you will receive a VIP Booster which gives a experience and currency boon for both PvE and PvP matches. Additional bonuses will be given in future updates as well for active subscribers. On Xbox One Warface is still in early access and ran an open beta period from September 13-17, 2018. Connection issues are currently ongoing due to launch and Crytek is working on the problem.

You can view the release trailer below, as well as a video showcasing the new Earth Shaker raid.