Warframe Adds Arcade Style “Frame Fighter” Mini-Game

Warframe Adds Arcade Style “Frame Fighter” Mini-Game

Popular online shooter Warframe brings the fight to a 2D plane with an arcade beat-em-up style mini-game called Frame Fighter.

It’s always interesting when games tackle genres outside of their own. In this case, Digital Extremes takes attributes from its popular online shooter Warframe and applied them to a classic 1-on-1 fighting game format similar to that of Mortal Kombat and other arcade hits from the early 1990s.


The Street Fighter-style mini-game is unashamedly titled “Frame Fighter” and it sees characters going toe to toe on a traditional 2D plane with health bars displayed above their heads. Players can choose from Excalibur, Volt, and Mag; each with their own set of special moves and characteristics. While Excalibur can activate a ground pound maneuver, for example, Volt is armed with anti-air electrical bolts. Once the battle begins, the first character to win two out of three rounds by way of knock-out is the champion. The fighters also have “prime” variations and more base characters can be unlocked by discovering fragments within the game.

Warframe in its original online third-person shooter form is available now for Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4 with a Nintendo Switch port planned for the near future. Frame Fighter can be accessed through Warframe’s Cephalon Simaris area and purchasing the Ludoplex for 50,000 credits of the in-game currency Standing.