Warframe Eximus: Where to Find and How to Kill Them

How to complete the Eximus Executioner challenge.

By Mehrdad Khayyat

August 9, 2021

Warframe Eximus Executioner challenge will no longer be an issue for you, once you jump into one of these missions.

For many players in Warframe, completing the Eximus Executioner challenge might be a little bit confusing. But, once you know where to find these tough enemies, you would be able to get the challenge done with a little bit of effort.

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All you’re going to learn here is about the locations or missions that you can find dozens of Eximus enemies, killing which could guarantee the challenge’s completion.

Warframe – TennoCon 2021: Crossplay Announce Trailer

Warframe – TennoCon 2021: Crossplay Announce Trailer

Warframe Guide: How to Get Eximus Kills

Hopefully, there are a bunch of ways to get Eximus Kills in Warframe, but the tough part is that the Eximus enemies are usually difficult-to-beat compared to other types of enemies in Warframe.


Probably the best way to invite a big number of Eximus enemies for a slaughter party is through the Eximus Stronghold modifier for Sortie. Using this modifier, you can spawn dozens of Eximus enemies and your 100 kills are guaranteed if you wouldn’t die. However, this might be a slower method as you might only find one Eximus Stronghold in a week.

Endless Missions

This is another good method of getting 100 Eximus kills, but you are suggested to do this with a squad in co-op mode. In the advanced rounds of the Endless Missions, there will be more Eximus enemies, and you can easily achieve the number of kills you want, but doing it alone would be too difficult.

Arbitration Alerts

If you have already complete every node of the Star Chart, head to the Arbiters of Hexis and start the Arbitration Alerts mission, where you will face a huge number of Eximus enemies.

Warframe is now available for free on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Unlike before, you no longer need to have an active Xbox Live subscription to play Warframe on Xbox consoles.

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