Warframe Ghoul Saw Weapon- How To Unlock It

Get this cruelest melee weapon right away!

By Manisha Priyadarshini

September 9, 2021

A new melee weapon called the Ghoul Saw has been introduced in Warframe with the latest update called Operation: Plague Star.

The Ghoul Saw in Warframe is one of the cruelest weapons built for the crudest of Grineer soldiers. It can rip through metal like flesh, and through flesh like day-old pudding.

So if you have been waiting to get your hands on this powerful melee weapon, then here are the details you need to know to unlock Ghoul Saw.

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Warframe – Yareli Profile | Available Now

Warframe – Yareli Profile | Available Now

How To Get Ghoul Saw In Warframe

Warframe players have been waiting for the Ghoul Saw to arrive for quite a long time now. This weapon can be used by Grineer to cut through the armor of Tenno.

Besides that, you can ride on the Ghoul Saw like a unicycle or a skateboard while killing through enemies.

This weapon can be unlocked during the Plague Star event where you can collect the parts required to build the Ghoul Saw. This event starts on September 8 and ends on September 30 so make sure you participate in it.

The Ghoulsaw’s main and component blueprints can be acquired after reaching Rank 3 – Champion with Operational Supply during Operation: Plague Star and buying it from Nakak.

The Nakak basically runs a Syndicate during the Plague Star event and it’s called the Operational Supply. So you will have to rank up with them as you do for any other Syndicate. You can find the Naka in the center of Cetus and spend Operational Supply Standing to buy the parts and build the weapon in the Foundry.

Here’s the cost of different parts of the Ghoul Saw in Warframe:

  • Blueprint – 4000 Standing, 1500 Credits
  • Grip – 4000 Standing, 3500 Credits
  • Engine – 4000 Standing, 3500 Credits
  • Chassis – 4000 Standing, 3500 Credits
  • Blade – 4000 Standing, 3500 Credits

Please note that all parts can be traded between players. And that’s all you needed to know about this melee weapon. So go ahead and grab one!

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