Warframe Necramech: Here’s How to Get It

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December 15, 2021

Warframe has received an all-new update today which makes a plethora of changes to the game.

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Along with a new Warframe, there is a new story quest line and much more. This is being termed as one of the biggest updates for the game to date. While fans are having a great time in the game, some are wondering how they can get their hands on a Necramech.

Warframe | The New WarOfficial Gameplay Trailer

Warframe | The New WarOfficial Gameplay Trailer

Warframe Necramech: How to Get It

While players are introduced to Nechramech during the Heart of the Deimos quest, they’d be quite disappointed to see that that they will not be able to use it after the quest. However, you can still craft it if you wish to use one later on. Before you jump into making your Necramech, you need to ensure that you complete Earth and Mars Junction, War Within Quest, and Heart of Deimos quest.

There is one more thing you need to do before you can start building your Necramech. That is, ensuring that you have the required rank. To buy the Void Necramech Blueprint you need to reach Clearance: Modus and for crafting Bonewidow Necramech you need to reach Clearance: Odima. Once that’s done you need to get the casing, engine, capsule, and weapon pod to make your Necramech. Once you have all the items, you can simply use a blueprint to craft your Necramech. Here are the items required for each of them.

Voidrig Necramech

  • Voidrig Casing: 15,000 Credits, 1 Damaged Necramech Casing, 120 Adramal Alloy, 16 Stellated Necrathene, and 40 Venerdo Alloy
  • Voidrig Engine: 15,000 Credits, 1 Damaged Necramech Engine, 100 Tempered Bapholite, 2 Biotic Filter, and 75 Isos
  • Voidrig Capsule: 15,000 Credits, 1 Damaged Necramech Pod, 2 Scintillant, 30 Spinal Core Section, and 20 Marquise Veridos
  • Voidrig Weapon Pod: 15,000 Credits, 1 Damaged Necramech Weapon Pod, 6 Biotic Filler, 80 Thaumic Distillate, and 45 Charc Electroplax

Bonewidow Necramech

  • Bonewidow Casing: 15,000 Credits, 1 Damaged Necramech Casing, 100 Tempered Bapholite, 20 Thaumic Distillate, and 15 Goblite Tears
  • Bonewidow Engine: 15,000 Credits, 1 Damaged Necramech Engine, 120 Adramal Alloy, 2 Cranial Foremount, and 750 Titanium
  • Bonewidow Capsule: 15,000 Credits, 1 Damaged Necramech Pod, 4 Scintillant, 20 Biotic Filter, and 6 Star Crimzian
  • Bonewidow Weapon Pod: 15,000 Credits, 1 Damaged Necramech Weapon Pod, 6 Spinal Core Section, 80 Devolved Namalon, and 45 Scrap

What are the abilities of Necramech?

Ability 1: Necraweb
Hurl a canister of graviton fluids to create a wide mire that will significantly slow enemies travelling across it. Alternatively, the canister can be shot in mid-air to create a fiery conflagration.

Ability 2: Storm Shroud
Swathe the Necramech in a powerful electrical field that greatly enhances survivability in close combat. Enemies that strike the shroud will suffer for their impudence.

Ability 3: Gravemines
Launch a pattern of charged mines all around you. Each mine detonates in a violent blast when touched, damaging enemies in a three-meter radius.

Ability 4: Guard Mode
Take a stationary stance to deploy maximum firepower and gain increased structural integrity for a time.

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